Boomin- Gamechanger or Damp Squib?

Boomin. Never heard of it? Well you’re about to! Boomin is a new portal which – according to them at least – will transform the property market for everyone.

Shopping for a house – like shopping for practically everything else these days – is becoming a smart phone based activity. And the pandemic has only accelerated that already fast moving trend.

Boomin - Gameschanger or Damp Squibb

Until about 30 years ago, if you were looking for your dream home you’d trail round estate agencies and scour your local newspapers. Now you pick up your mobile. The whole property market is right there – literally at your finger tip. And like as not the app your finger tip taps is Rightmove.

Rightmove is the big banana of property portals. If you are an estate agent, you list on Rightmove. You can’t afford not to because this is where everyone looks. But now along comes Boomin. And Boomin says that property searching should be fun. And Boomin says that right now property searching is not fun because property portals are boring.

Boomin - Gameschanger or Damp Squibb

So Boomin is about to launch a property portal with a difference. One that is not only for people searching for their new home right now – but also for those who are just vaguely thinking of moving. One that caters for people who are interested in property, in lifestyles, interior design, locations. Interest in all things property as more of a leisure activity than a chore. That is going to be Boomin’s message; but is it going to excite you enough – or intrigue you enough – to shop on Boomin rather than Rightmove?

Boomin - Gameschanger or Damp Squibb

Well it intrigues us at Gebbie & Wilson Property. So much so that, from its launch on Friday 2nd April, we will be listing all our properties on Boomin. We’ve not yet seen Boomin’s portal but we know they’ve invested an awful lot of time, money and effort developing it. We’ve not yet seen Boomin’s advertising campaign which will accompany the launch but we’re promised creative, we’re promised memorable, we’re promised a big splash. We’re excited. We’re intrigued. We can’t wait till Friday. Will Boomin be a gamechanger or a damp squib? Not long to wait now to find out!

Gebbie & Wilson Property are Boomin Founder Agents.  All our properties are also on  Rightmove and ESPC

Update – April 2021

Boomin is now up and running.   Join here and let us know what you think of it:-

Join Boomin here