Windfarm and Renewables Lawyers

We are Windfarm  Lawyers.  Based in South Lanarkshire, we are ideally located to advise on windfarm and renewable energy transactions across central and southern Scotland.

A wind turbine transaction will typically involve a lease between a landowner and a developer.  The developer will construct a wind turbine on the leased land.  The rent payable to the landlord is usually calculated with reference to the amount of energy produced by the turbine.  Planning permission is required for wind turbines.  Developers need to be assured of being able to lease the land on which to build their turbine.  However they cannot commit themselves to taking a lease until they know their project will get planning permission.  For this reason, the contractual documentation entered into between landowner and developer tends to take the form of an Option.  This will set out fully the terms of the lease the landowner will grant to the developer.  The developer will make a payment to the landowner for the grant of the Option.  The developer will undertake to make the planning application at its own cost.  If the planning permission is granted, the developer can then opt to take on the lease, in the agreed terms.

Renewable Energy Projects

With ambitious Scottish government targets already in place for the production of sustainable energy, the number of renewable energy projects in Scotland is set to increase over the next few years. As with any major construction project, expert legal advice is needed before development begins.

We advise our clients and businesses on renewable energy matters across Central Scotland.