Winding up an Estate

If a loved one has recently passed away, it can be difficult to deal with the legal formalities of managing their estate at what is a very difficult time. Gebbie & Wilson can help.

The process of winding up an estate in known in Scotland as executry administration and the person who is in charge of winding up the estate is known as an executor.

If the deceased had a Will, then it is the duty of the executor (appointed in the will) to wind up the estate and distribute it in accordance with the deceased’s wishes, as specified in the Will.   In practice though this executry administration is usually carried out, on behalf of the executor,  by solicitors – in our case by our executry specialist solicitors,  Jan Bayley and Louise Arthur.

If there is no will, Jan or Louise will petition the court to have an executor appointed and then, working on behalf of the executor, will ensure that the estate is wound up in accordance with the law of intestacy.