Solicitoritis defined and is it Scrabble friendly?


Solicitoritis: a disease rare in the general population but prevalent among the legal profession.  Symptoms include an obsession with detail, a tendency to over-analyse and an often uncontrollable urge to start every sentence with “What if…?”.   Solicitoritis is not contagious but sufferers should avoid discussions with other lawyers as this often exacerbates the condition.

Et separatim…

Q & A

Q:  Is “Solicitoritis” a word I can use in Scrabble?  (Trisha from Hamilton)

A:   You could always give it a go Tricia but since I only made it up last week, I doubt if it’ll have found it’s way into the Official Scrabble Players’ Dictionary quite yet! (@etseparatim)

R(iposte): Please don’t tell my wee sister Anne Kelly: I might get away with using it lol x (Trisha)