What to do after a death in Scotland

The Scottish Government has updated a useful leaflet that gives practical advice on what you should do in the event that you find yourself in charge of making arrangements following the death of a friend or relative.

The leaflet, ‘What to do after a death in Scotland … practical advice for times of bereavement’, offers advice on medical certificates, registering the death and arranging the funeral, but it also looks at the legal side of bereavement as well.

This includes a quick look at wills, what happens during an executry and what to do if there is no will.

When dealing with bereavement you will undoubtedly find it useful to discuss your options with someone. The leaflet therefore suggests a number of people who may be able to help you with the practical, legal and emotional issues involved. These include:

  • a funeral director,
  • a minister of religion,
  • the family doctor,
  • a solicitor,
  • the local social work department,
  • the Citizens Advice Bureau,
  • Age Scotland.

Contact details for other useful organisations are also provided.

If you would like to talk to a solicitor about any of these issues, we can help. Call us on 01357 520082 or click here to make an online enquiry.