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Families find financial discussions difficult

Conversations about retirement and aging are always tricky – as shown by a recent American study that found a significant lack of proactive discussion and engagement between family members on key financial topics. The company behind the research, wealth management firm Merrill Lynch, says that this is a cause for concern, as a lack of… Read more »

Priority for savings differs between the genders

Recent research by Friend’s Life, conducted as part of its month-long focus on gender, has revealed that men and women have different priorities when it comes to saving – but saving for retirement falls low on the list for both genders. After essentials such as household bills, mortgages and loans, 18% of women prioritise saving… Read more »

Survey suggests time has run out for retirement planning

A recent survey into Retirement Readiness has uncovered a worrying lack of preparation among those closest to retirement (55+). The survey, by Aegon UK, found that: Of those within ten years of state pension age, more than three in ten don’t know how much they’ll need to live on in retirement. Three in ten of… Read more »