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Craig and Donna: a case study in the injustice of intestacy.

No Will, No Justice? The heartache of intestacy. I’ve not done my Tax Return yet.  It’s mid January now and I must get it to done by the end of this month or HMRC will hit me with fines and penalties.  Typical me I suppose – leaving things to the last minute.  Trouble is there’s… Read more »

More estates hit inheritance tax threshold

A recent study has revealed that amongst the world’s major economies, European countries tend to impose the highest rates of inheritance tax. The study also shows that the countries with the highest rates of inheritance tax overall are the UK and Ireland. The report, by international accountancy network UHY, quotes the example of an individual… Read more »

Less importance given to leaving an inheritance

A quarter of over-75s (25%) – and more than a fifth of over-55s in total (21%) – have given a cash loan to family members instead of leaving an inheritance, according to Aviva’s latest Real Retirement Report. The findings also show nearly one in ten over-55s regularly give money to family to avoid inheritance tax… Read more »