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Craig and Donna: a case study in the injustice of intestacy.

No Will, No Justice? The heartache of intestacy. I’ve not done my Tax Return yet.  It’s mid January now and I must get it to done by the end of this month or HMRC will hit me with fines and penalties.  Typical me I suppose – leaving things to the last minute.  Trouble is there’s… Read more »

Write your will, support a charity: Gebbie & Wilson participates in Will Aid

At Gebbie & Wilson, we’re proud to participate in the Will Aid scheme. Will Aid encourages lawyers and solicitors to provide will writing services in return for a donation to Will Aid, which supports nine charities. 2013 is Will Aid’s 25th year and, in that time, over £13 million has been raised for the vital work of… Read more »

Lack of an estate plan can cause family strife

Residents of Canada are being urged to move beyond traditional estate planning, which typically focuses on estate administration, tax considerations and having the proper legal documents in place, and instead to consider enhanced estate planning to address the emotional impact on those left behind and alleviate family strife. According to a new report from the… Read more »